ogee architrave

Ogee Architrave is a versatile, timeless profile that works beautifully on doors, windows, and ceilings. Its deep curves make it stand out from other designs, and it’s available from a wide range of suppliers. This architrave is made from MDF and is available in a variety of widths and depths.

This design can be made in a variety of wood types, including pine. It is made of a solid, stable board that is virtually knotless. Ogee Architraves come in a variety of lengths, including single and double sets. Single sets contain one piece of architrave and one piece of matching moulding, and double sets are two pieces of architrave.

The ogee architrave is perfect for those who want to add a soft, finished look to their room. This architrave will cover any imperfections and give the room a seamless, cohesive look. Its rounded profile will also soften the look of your room, and it will protect against knocks and scrapes. The architrave is available in different finishes and can be painted to match other elements of your room’s decor.

It can help hide cracks in the wall between the window and door frames. It will also help protect the door frames from shrinking or expanding. In addition to that, architraves can hide the gaps and joints in the wall.

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