cool blue gatorade

Are you a fan of cool blue Gatorade? If so, you’re not alone. Many athletes swear by the drink, and we’re sure you are, too. Whether you’re training for your first triathlon or simply looking for a refreshing beverage to hydrate you during a long day on the course, Gatorade is the perfect choice. It’s an electrolyte replacement unlike any other, and contains all of the essential minerals and electrolytes you need to hydrate effectively. It has been trusted by the world’s best athletes for over 40 years.

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This blue-colored drink is very similar to the original, but has a completely different flavor than the traditional blue Gatorade. Instead of being blue, Cool Blue tastes like a berry drink, making it an excellent choice for anyone who loves a good berry taste. Its lack of cherry flavor is its only distinguishing feature from its blue-colored counterpart. While the original cool blue is a great choice for sports enthusiasts, this new variety may not be for you.

Unlike its orange cousin, Gatorade is caffeine-free. The flavor of this drink is a combination of sugar, sour oranges, and a generous amount of glycerol. It doesn’t taste like any one particular fruit, but possesses multiple “blue” tastes, such as pineapple and banana. The mix of flavors is intriguing, though, and it usually cancels out one flavor and leaves you with just water.

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