Splat ball guns are a new toy that has recently gained in popularity. According to the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office, these weapons are being brought to schools by juveniles, creating a safety issue for staff and students. These devices are designed to shoot soft gel balls up to 50 feet. They can provide hours of fun and exercise, and can be found at many retail stores. Listed below are some of the benefits of splat ball guns.

Splatter Ball Guns Are Battery-Powered

splat ball guns

Splat ball guns are battery-operated and can shoot eight rounds per second at up to 200 feet per second. The gun has been the subject of many complaints from parents and police departments. They have also caused a flurry of panic among parents and children. It is not yet clear whether or not these toys are safe for use. However, Cavender said that they are safe for kids to play and do so in a safe environment.

Some of the concerns regarding splat ball guns include the possibility of injuries and death. While there are a lot of positive aspects to these toys, there are a number of dangers associated with them. Even though splatter ball guns are battery-powered, they may not be safe for young children. They can be extremely dangerous, and parents should avoid them. If their child does get one, they should be supervised until the situation is resolved.

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