My First Review of the Evatac Knife

This is my first official Evatac knife review, and I must say I am pleasantly surprised by the overall quality and build of this particular brand. I’ve had some good knives in the past, but nothing on the level of the Evatac knife. It’s a full knife, with a five and a half inch blade, and it sports a really nice leather pouch. The blade locks open easily, and there’s not even a notch to open when it’s open, so all your tools are right at your fingertips. There are other reasons I like the knife as well, so I’ll get into those in a bit.

A Review of Its Unique Features and Functions

To start, the sheath that comes with the knife is really nice and is made of high quality leather. I also really like the way the knife opens with just the side of your index finger, and no thumb break. This feature isn’t common on pocket knives, and it does make a huge difference when you’re gripping the knife by the handle all day long.

The overall build of the knife, from the blade to the handle, is excellent. The sheath itself is also excellent and well made. As far as safety goes, the knife does work properly, but of course you always have to be extremely careful what you’re doing if you want to use it. It’s definitely a step up from my usual pocket knives.