The US has a tremendous arrangement of detainment locales dissipated the nation over, holding in excess of 20,000 traveler youngsters. In an uncommon examination, the BBC has revealed claims of cold temperatures, disorder, disregard, lice and foulness, through a progression of meetings with kids and staff.

It was 12 PM on the Rio Grande – the overwhelming stream that shapes the boundary among Texas and Mexico – and lights started to streak on the Mexican side. Voices could be heard in the obscurity. Figures arose, got into a little pontoon, and started to cross the waterway.

As the pontoon showed up on the US side, the essences of the transients got apparent. The greater part of them were youngsters. Over March and April, in excess of 36,000 youngsters crossed into the US unaccompanied by a grown-up. This was a record high for late years.

Numerous youngsters voyaging alone set out on their excursion wanting to rejoin with a parent effectively in the US. Over 80% of them as of now have a relative in the country, the US government says.

President Joe Biden has opened the boundary to unaccompanied kids looking for refuge, to some degree loosening up previous President Trump’s strategy of dismissing transients because of Covid-19.

The kids mixed up the banks, depleted. Two youthful cousins clasped hands. Another adolescent, Jordy, 17, said he had escaped Guatemala since he feared brutal groups working there. Be that as it may, this evening he was terrified about what may anticipate him in transient detainment habitats in the US. He said he had heard anecdotes about them.

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