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Motorbike Accident Claims solicitors are a specialist solicitor company run by the well-known legal firm, Hutcheon Law. Motorbike Claims has been established to provide expert advice on motorbike related injuries and helping injured motorcyclist claim compensation from the other driver of the vehicle. Since they are specialists in motorbikes, they’ve provided much-needed guidance on how a company owner can establish their own motorbike dealership for profit. In fact, Motorbike Accident Claims solicitors can help their clients understand the requirements of Motor Vehicle Trading Regulations (MVTR), which cover the purchase, sale and installation of motorbikes on public roads. The following article aims to provide help to owners on how they can establish their own motorbike dealership to reap maximum profits.

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To begin with, a motorbike dealership must ensure that a motorcycle they’re selling is either fully paid for or covered by a guarantee. A warranty covers a pre-existing condition and provides you with a safety net if you purchase a used motorcycle that doesn’t meet standard safety standards. The dealership should ensure that all used motorcycles being sold by them have met all applicable UK laws such as passing a test, being road-tested and abide by all manufacturer instruction. If your new motorbike was purchased through a private party, you can also get help from the DVLA who works closely with motorbike dealerships to make sure that you’re not buying a stolen bike.

Before you make any final decisions on purchasing your new bike from the dealership, it’s advisable to visit the Motorbike Direct website to find out more about the average retail price of bikes in your area. You may also check the values of your new motorbike on sites such as Motoring Trader, A manual for motorcycle buyers and Cycle Supermarket. Although this information is easily available, it does mean there’s an element of risk involved in buying your new bike from a dealership rather than a private party. The dealership should have access to important information that can reduce any risks associated with selling a motorbike so it’s worth taking the time to learn more.

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